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The month of July has been one of the most hectic months I’ve been through in a long time. I took a bit of a break from the blog to catch up with things and try and enjoy a little bit of the sunshine. Let me just say I am absolutely thrilled to be back!

Earlier in the month I was invited to attend the grand opening party for Oak + Fort on Whyte Ave. As always, I was joined by my fabulous friends who helped fill the night with fashion and fun! Janis’ camera battery died just before we arrived at the party, so I let her use my camera instead – super special thanks for taking the photos Janis!

The always fabulous Kastles, Zoe Krieder, Caroline, and Janis

The one and only Style Guy Jared & Caroline

Chic, Ce’st Classique, and a fabulous group of friends

The turnout was what initially struck me when I walked into the store. I could not believe how packed the store was and I was absolutely thrilled to see the support for a great local retailer. As I made my way past the crowds and started parousing the racks I was excited to see many new items I hadn’t noticed on their online store!

The crowd of excited shoppers

They have some excellent and affordable accessories which give you a unique alternative to stores like Forever 21 – where more people have access to wear the same necklace as you!


Their men’s selection was fairly good considering the primary focus of this store is womenswear. After I shopped the men’s clothes, I joined my blog friends as they shopped. I absolutely loved seeing some of the outfits they put together and thought some of the clothes were so original. I am always there to help out and give them a calm and collected “BUY IT NOW, LOVE IT!” I know, I know I should be helping them to choose between several pieces rather than convincing them to buy them all. I have never been that way, and got much more joy seeing everyone buy all of their selections from the night!

Overall, it was a great night and I was so happy to attend the opening of such a great store that is set to make a mark in Edmonton’s fashion scene!


Later in the month I was absolutely honoured to be a part of the All White Affair, organized by Movements Dance Ensemble.

Part of this charitable evening included a fashion show from local designers who featured some specially-made, all white garments. I was asked to choreograph the show for the night which was such an amazing experience! Once I got the music together, the stage plan set, and the models rehearsed it was show time. Though it was definitely a hectic day and even a little bit stressful to make sure everything was set and perfect, it was all well worth it because the show went off without a single problem! I also met the incredibly talented singer/songwriter Kapri Thomas who has some incredibly exciting releases coming up – including her CD and website!

For all who weren’t able to attend the All White Affair, the event was a wonderful addition to summer in the city. Hosted at the stunningly beautiful Con Boland garden made it magical and even the weather was perfect that night. We couldn’t have asked for more!


With more events and everyday life in between, we’re finally all caught up and ready to continue into the month of August. Though July was hectic, busy, exciting and much more I am so glad to be back to the blog! I have missed everyone and missed writing about all the happenings in the city. There are some great things coming up for the remainder of the Summer and into the Fall season!

Stay tuned!

-Andrew xo




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  1. August 8, 2011

    nice to see you back. :)
    <3 Kastles

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