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Day 7 of September’s 2011 Western Canada Fashion Week marked a great resurgence in the strength of the shows for the week. Great fashion, great quality and strong shows!

Just because we were nearing the end of WCFW this season didn’t mean it was over – and the designers showing that night were set to prove that to the audience that night!

For all future brides, take note of Isabela Milan’s designs. She showcased a display of her fairytale bridal gowns which definitely left the audience feeling sentimental. The dresses were all very well constructed, and well thought out. The best part of each one was definitely the wide array of sparkling surface embellishments. The dresses were classic, understated, and had that little sparkle that so many brides are looking for to make their special day magical.

Isabela Milan

Isabela Milan

I had two main critiques of the show which I feel could have been executed a little bit better. First, the dresses are very large and made of one type of fabric, which means wrinkles will be very apparently noticeable. Unfortunately some of these dresses appeared as though they had not been steamed prior to the runway which detracted from the bridal fantasy that a designer could have created for the audience. Also, some of the models chosen to wear the gowns appeared a little bit too young to be showcasing bridal gowns. Their runway nerves translated even more awkwardly because they are in sparkling bridal gowns, and more than likely not even graduated from high school yet. Although there were some things which could have been improved, overall the bridal showcase was very well done. It gave us a look into the world of glitz, glamour and “I do’s.” I know for a fact there must have been many mothers and brides-to-be in the audience writing down the address of Isabela Milan’s bridal shop, and making a note to stop in soon and have a look around!

Genette Salgado took to the runway next, and she definitely created a memorable show! Her collection was composed of an excellent, and understated colour palette with a pop of exciting, floral pieces. She chose some excellent textures to balance the colour popping flowers, which I thought showed beautifully. She also added some three-dimensional surface embellishment which accented the look and texture of the garments. As always, Salgado shows pieces that are not only fashion-forward, but also beautifully constructed. The collection as a whole reflected this very well as each piece remained cohesive to the look and feeling of the whole concept.

Genette Salgado

Genette Salgado

Genette Salgado

Genette Salgado

I loved the styling of the outfits as well as the shoes she chose – featuring some heeled clogs and wedges that were very fashion forward. The textured, off-white, one-piece jumper really caught my attention. It was just so fashionable, and the construction was excellent. For me, it was the simplicity that made it stand out so much in my mind. Also, I really liked how she incorporated  the men’s outfit into her collection as well. I thought that it was great to see how she could add her floral fabric into menswear, and I thought visually it worked quite well. I am not sure if many Edmonton men are willing to embrace the floral vest just yet, but in the meantime they should at least try those shorts out for themselves! I really want a pair of those great, tailored blue shorts for my own wardrobe! Maybe even in a few more colours…

Next up was Derek Jagodzinsky’s new collection from his label LUXX. He showed a very strong collection with some beautiful, vibrant colours juxtaposed by strong grey and black basics. I thought the collection really made a statement through the choice of fabric and the quality of construction. Everything came across as very well thought out with no visual elements falling out of place.



Derek Jagodzinsky, LUXX

One of the bright fabrics was an orange velvet-type material which I thought was an excellent, and unexpected choice. Continuing on to balance that vibrant orange with an equally bright red was a bold decision that worked out in the end. Putting these two colours together, but separating them with a neutral belt made for an excellent concept. I also thought that the women’s suits he showed were beautifully made and beautifully fitted. They were just the right degree of business and casual – with some of the belting and cut-outs really adding visual interest. I think Derek Jagodzinsky’s LUXX really showed well this season, and I absolutely can’t wait to see more next year!

Cerulean Boutique dressed models in a gorgeous line of fashions they carry in their store from Judith & Charles. The construction of these beautiful fall outfits was exceptional. Also, the vision for these clothes is distinctly French-Canadian in it’s heritage and has become a favourite in the United States and Canada. You can tell why these made in Canada pieces truly resonates with people.

Judith & Charles

Judith & Charles

Judith & Charles

The Ladies of Cerulean Boutique

The fabric choice was really exceptional, an it complimented the designs by adding a warmth and neutral tone which is really beautiful in the fall. Subtle texture and pattern made these garments stand out, and it is what makes them better than your average fall coat or blouse. On another note, Judith & Charles know how to do black and white and it was really quite stunning! it is simply beautiful, well-constructed, timeless clothing for anyone’s wardrobe. Make your way down to Cerulean Boutique and try some pieces from this excellent line for yourself!

Closing the night for day 7 of WCFW was the elegant and flowy collection from Suka Clothing. The choice of fabric was exceptional in this season’s Suka collection which featured a variety of beautiful florals. These florals were balanced by some excellent neutrals and light-washed colours. The proportions were kept very flattering and wearable for many different occasions. These pieces, though more summery and light, would still translate well to wear layered in the colder winter months.

Suka Clothing

Suka Clothing

Suka Clothing

Each outfit was very beautifully styled for the runway, and definitely translated into resort wear with a lot of the accessories chosen. One of my favourite pieces was a beautiful washed yellow wrap dress with an adorable rope belt. This particular dress both in colour and fit was a real standout for me and I can see it being big in trends for our upcoming Spring season. They also incorporated some beautiful wrap turbans in many patterns and colours which complimented the look and feeling of their collection. As a whole I thought they presented a strong and cohesive collection that was beautifully styled and solid in presentation!

I caught up with Edmonton’s fabulous group of bloggers after the shows to hear their thoughts on everything they had seen that night. Along with that, I always need to snap some pictures of them looking fabulous in their natural habitat!

Marie & Janis

Rebecca & Kaila

Vickie & Kassandra

Meredith & Andrea

Mark & Matthew

4 Fabulous, Fashionable Fashion Week Attendees

Day 7 was an exciting night in Edmonton as Western Canada Fashion Week showed what we have to offer the world of fashion! Great clothes, great designers, and so far a great season with more to come!

-Andrew xo



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  1. October 1, 2011

    Hi Andrew!

    Was great to meet you that night!
    I’m just editing shots from Genettes show now! (Distracting myself by browsing blogs).
    My pit past looks like a print on my vest in that photograph…

    Anyway! Great blog.
    I’m sure I’ll see you around!


    • October 1, 2011

      Hi Emilia!
      It was great to meet you that night too, and I absolutely can’t wait to see your photos form that night!
      Make sure to keep in touch!
      -Andrew xo

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