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Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc, passed away today leaving the world shocked and saddened. I felt it very important to get my thoughts onto the blog, and pass on my deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

Steve Jobs set out to change the world and make it a better place – and he can rest peacefully knowing he accomplished this. All we must do to see his success is look around us. Whether we are sitting in a classroom, in a Starbucks Cafe, or making a phone call from our iPhone his vision and leadership in his industry is all around us. From humble beginnings working out of his garage, to keynote presentations with little room left for spectators to stand as he talks about Apple’s latest product releases. Steve Jobs had an incredible ability to put a personality behind his company and whatever new products he would unveil. It is this liveliness that has kept all of us Apple fans coming back for me, with an unshakable devotion to the company.

I have used a Mac for almost 5 years now, and it has absolutely changed my life. Everything from my day-to-day tasks to running this blog is done on a Mac. My Mac is what inspired me to pursue photography, design, and all other types of media. It has also inspired my current education for my Bachelors of Design, along with my future career aspirations. Steve Jobs had the leadership abilities that allowed products like these to become a reality and change my life along with so many others around the world. For a lot of us, our Apple products become as important and as close to our hearts as a family pet and this is something so incredible for a legacy of products.

Whether deeply involved in all the up to date information on new products, or even just simply someone who loves their new iMac, the entire Apple community has come together in expressing their condolences to Jobs’ family and friends. You can see the impact that Jobs has made in the lives of everyday people when they all feel compelled to share their thoughts and words on his passing – a lot of the time using devices he created. Earlier today, I noticed that Twitter was overloaded and the social media site’s services kept floating in and out of functionality. The fact that Steve Jobs and the news of his passing spread that far, and had that much impact is truly an amazing testament to the life he led and the lives he inspired.

Steve Jobs had a deep impact on my life, because even from a young age I always thought of him as an inspiration and a visionary. He has inspired me to take risks, innovate, and always think different. It is his vision, and his company’s products that have helped lead me to my successes and future goals. I remember watching old keynote presentations and being absolutely amazed at how he could communicate. I was absolutely glued to the screen, and thought about all of the things I could accomplish watching him and his devotion to his company. Apple events have always brought me and many of my friends close together, given me things to look forward to, and at times seems more exciting than Christmas! I feel so blessed that he accomplished so many amazing things that I was able to experience in my lifetime.

Although I am very deeply saddened with the news of Jobs’ death, I am also left with an incredible pride and joy in celebrating his life and what he has inspired me to be. As I continue on through school and into my career I will always remember the business man who gave me the inspiration to be the best me possible.

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Rest in peace Steve Jobs, the world will never forget the impact you’ve had on everyday life. I will never forget how you changed my life either. You set out to change the world and make it a little bit brighter – and you more than accomplished that! Steve Jobs lives on in every Apple logo softly glowing on notebooks, every call made on an iPhone, and every time that a Mac greets us with that signature chime we’ve all come to love. 

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Regards, sympathies, and my deepest condolences,

-Andrew Eirich

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