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I was recently featured in an amazing article about Male Fashion Bloggers by Adventures in Fashion blogger Vickie Laliotis for the Edmonton Journal. These are more great photos from our shoot.

I was absolutely thrilled when Vickie asked me to be a part of her upcoming article for the Edmonton Journal about Male Fashion Bloggers and how we are the new players in the online style revolution. I was featured in the story alongside the amazingly talented men of the Marquis of Fashion and Style Guy Jared. Although we are still a small group, we are providing a strong perspective which is gaining notice among blog readers. Since it’s original publishing in the Edmonton Journal, the story about “The New Kids On The Blog” has made it into several other publications, such as the Calgary Herald, through their lifestyle sections. [Read the article: Here]

I was quoted by Vickie saying:

“I consider male fashion bloggers to be the natural evolution in the sense that women were the first to take the stage and talk about fashion. There’s always going to be men in the world and in this city who are interested in fashion, and I think we’re the new people on the scene,” Eirich says.

“We’re just adding to the overall content on the Internet and providing a different perspective.”

Known for his seasonal photo shoots, Eirich credits these editorial posts as his top traffic generator. He won’t disclose the numbers, however.

“My seasonal shoots are something unique that I bring to the Edmonton fashion community, because there’s nothing like them being done here,” Eirich says.

Teaming up with other fashion and beauty professionals, Eirich designs and photographs editorials aimed at promoting local talent while fostering a sense of community among the city’s fashion set.

“I think that Edmonton is a really young fashion city in terms of our fashion week or the way we embrace fashion as a culture, but when I look at how much it’s growing and how quickly, it amazes me,” the University of Alberta design student says.

“It just proves that this province and this city is more open and progressive than people might think.”

 I thought it would be great to make an outfit post and show some of the additional photos from the shoot, so take a look below at what I wore that day!

Outfit Details // Shirt, Pants & Bag: Club Monaco // Rabbit Fur Vest & Watch: Michael Kors // Double-Breasted Trench: Top Man // Shoes: H&M

I want to thank Vickie again for a really fun experience, and for getting the word out about the efforts that men are making in advancing the fashion consciousness in Edmonton.


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