Modern Minimalism.


Calm After The Storm.

After a summer in Edmonton where every day starts off hot and often ends with an intense storm to cool down the city, there is always that perfect moment right after the storm where the temperature and the mood outside is just perfectly calm and still. It’s always nice to take a walk and enjoy the calm after a storm, or admire it from your own perfect spot that no one else knows about. Simply enjoying the moment as you watch the clouds slowly break apart for another day.

Trench: Top Man // Shirt: Club Monaco // Pants: H&M // Boots: Zara Man // Bag & Watch: Michael Kors

Photographer: Jules James // Styling/Editing: Andrew Eirich


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  1. August 10, 2012

    I LOVE these photos Andrew! You look so handsome and I love how you styled your outfit. xo

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