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As luck would have it, the warm, spring-like weather we were experiencing has come to an end. I really wish it could’ve stayed above zero degrees celsius for a few more days, after all, I’m headed South next Thursday!

Alas, the cold brings with it the desire to be warm. That’s really it. That said, I rarely dress appropriately and always freeze on my way to class – but at least I pay a little bit more attention to what I wear on chilly mornings. The most important aspect of cold weather dress is really the layers. I love playing with scale, color, and unexpected combinations of classic pieces. For this look it was all about deconstructed menswear. I knew that my Club Monaco wool overcoat would be a must, but I really wanted to offset the tailored look of the coat with a more casual, comfortable alternative. I created a monochromatic palette with my oversized cashmere AllSaints turtleneck (one of the warmest materials for cold days) and paired that off with a destroyed pair of cool blue Nudie Jeans and brown Zara boots. The look was really a perfect laid back city look, and one of my favourites. One of my favourite ways to achieve an effortless style is really to play a lot with balance. It’s all about the mix and match, the give and take. Pulling from a broad spectrum in order to bring together the perfect combination.

All things considered, I was still very cold whilst taking these photos. Sometimes even the warmest combinations of wool and cashmere still aren’t enough. In that event, it really is best to stay inside with a cup of your favourite hot beverage and hibernate until the thermometer raises back up into more human temperatures.

For now, I am counting down the days until I am laying under the hot sun!


Wool Overcoat: Club Monaco // Cashmere Turtleneck: AllSaints // Denim: Nudie Jeans // Boots: Zara

Thanks to BJB for the photography!


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