Modern Minimalism.


Long lines, a healthy dose of minimalism, and a dash of something dapper. This look was inspired by some luxe pieces I was sent by Canadian–based Aristocrats Bows & Ties. I am always really interested in scale, proportion, and tonal balance. This outfit, for me, was a study in white, black, and warm grey. The pop of red from the flower lapel, a personal favorite accessory of mine, adds an unexpected touch of vibrance that I really liked.

A classic, draped black trench coat replaced a more traditional black blazer for a slightly undone look. I balanced this classic with a new take on another classic: a longline white collared shirt by Minimum. Extending the lines and opting for a more effortless oversized look made this feel a lot more subtly sophisticated. Plus, with the longline trend gaining a lot more traction, especially in menswear, it is easy to find these longer and more oversized pieces. For someone tall and skinny like myself I feel like these lines just fit me a lot better, where I often find traditional length shirts and sweaters to be too short.

Shirley Tse from GirlNamedShirl Photography did an amazing job of photographing this story, and the photos really speak for themselves. Enjoy!


Bowtie & Lapel Pin: Aristocrats Bows & Ties // Trench Coat & Pants: Club Monaco // White Shirt: Minimum // Boots: Michael Kors





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