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Freeze Frame.

With New Years Eve just around the corner, the hectic holiday season is coming to a close once again. Amidst the noise and the parties there are moments in the snow where all of the static noise of the city seems to go away. As the sun sets, the glow of the snow seems to soundproof the world and slows us down if only for a moment. Take an opportunity to be with your thoughts and reflect on the past year. Imagine your goals for the year to come, and in this moment listen only to your thoughts. This final freeze frame of the year is a time to reminisce and recount your experiences, lessons, and successes.

I am all about mixing textures, lengths, and contrasting structured pieces with laid back elements for the perfect balance. For this look, it was all about a coastal inspiration of relaxed luxe, but applied to a winter outfit with a cashmere turtleneck and camel waistcoat. Layering is a winter essential, especially when you layer your warmest wool garments. The combination of the wool waistcoat and cashmere turtleneck is the perfect city outfit, moving between indoors and out, and keeping moving.

The ripped jeans were a staple factor in achieving the perfectly undone element in this look. I love wearing a great distressed, faded pair of jeans in winter as an unexpected contrast to the usual deep blues and rich tones we often gravitate towards. It is a simple way of elevating your look, and switching it up, all while giving your favourite pair of summer denim a little bit of love and attention. Light ivory, camel, suede, and gold accessories with a washed blue denim works regardless of the season, and this winter take on a classic combination is a great go to.

Thank you for the ongoing readership, love, and support! I am wishing you all the best for a prosperous and exciting New Year in 2016!


Waistcoat & Jeans: Zara // Cashmere Turtleneck: Simons // Suede Boots: Aldo // Accessories: Michael Kors

Thanks to Shirley Tse from GirlNamedShirl Photography for the photos!


Long lines, a healthy dose of minimalism, and a dash of something dapper. This look was inspired by some luxe pieces I was sent by Canadian–based Aristocrats Bows & Ties. I am always really interested in scale, proportion, and tonal balance. This outfit, for me, was a study in white, black, and warm grey. The pop of red from the flower lapel, a personal favorite accessory of mine, adds an unexpected touch of vibrance that I really liked.

A classic, draped black trench coat replaced a more traditional black blazer for a slightly undone look. I balanced this classic with a new take on another classic: a longline white collared shirt by Minimum. Extending the lines and opting for a more effortless oversized look made this feel a lot more subtly sophisticated. Plus, with the longline trend gaining a lot more traction, especially in menswear, it is easy to find these longer and more oversized pieces. For someone tall and skinny like myself I feel like these lines just fit me a lot better, where I often find traditional length shirts and sweaters to be too short.

Shirley Tse from GirlNamedShirl Photography did an amazing job of photographing this story, and the photos really speak for themselves. Enjoy!


Bowtie & Lapel Pin: Aristocrats Bows & Ties // Trench Coat & Pants: Club Monaco // White Shirt: Minimum // Boots: Michael Kors






As luck would have it, the warm, spring-like weather we were experiencing has come to an end. I really wish it could’ve stayed above zero degrees celsius for a few more days, after all, I’m headed South next Thursday!

Alas, the cold brings with it the desire to be warm. That’s really it. That said, I rarely dress appropriately and always freeze on my way to class – but at least I pay a little bit more attention to what I wear on chilly mornings. The most important aspect of cold weather dress is really the layers. I love playing with scale, color, and unexpected combinations of classic pieces. For this look it was all about deconstructed menswear. I knew that my Club Monaco wool overcoat would be a must, but I really wanted to offset the tailored look of the coat with a more casual, comfortable alternative. I created a monochromatic palette with my oversized cashmere AllSaints turtleneck (one of the warmest materials for cold days) and paired that off with a destroyed pair of cool blue Nudie Jeans and brown Zara boots. The look was really a perfect laid back city look, and one of my favourites. One of my favourite ways to achieve an effortless style is really to play a lot with balance. It’s all about the mix and match, the give and take. Pulling from a broad spectrum in order to bring together the perfect combination.

All things considered, I was still very cold whilst taking these photos. Sometimes even the warmest combinations of wool and cashmere still aren’t enough. In that event, it really is best to stay inside with a cup of your favourite hot beverage and hibernate until the thermometer raises back up into more human temperatures.

For now, I am counting down the days until I am laying under the hot sun!


Wool Overcoat: Club Monaco // Cashmere Turtleneck: AllSaints // Denim: Nudie Jeans // Boots: Zara

Thanks to BJB for the photography!

AE MAR 24 AE MAR 24 2Spring Things.

 With only a few days left of cold weather in Edmonton before (hopefully) the big spring melt of 2013 will commence, I decided to post a look I put together a while back that I hadn’t posted. I went for a coffee date with the always lovely Marie Zydek (of Marie a la Mode) and we snapped these photos on a chilly, but sunny day a few days before we had our once-in-a-century blizzard.

My 21st Birthday is coming up next week (Monday, April 1st to be exact), and I am hoping that the weather network isn’t playing an April Fools joke on all of us with their forecast calling for temperatures in the positive double digits and up. I think we totally deserve the warmth and sunshine, and I think it would make for the perfect Birthday gift!

For this outfit, I wore a drape-front cardigan which is another new piece from OAK + FORT that I am absolutely in love with! It is really difficult to find a men’s drape-front cardigan that isn’t too long in the front and too short in the back, or that simply has too much bulk and fabric in general. This is the best one I’ve found yet, so I absolutely had to pick it up! I paired it with an awesome printed tank that I recently picked up at Simons and my trusty Cheap Monday jeans that have always been a go to pair for me.

Hopefully the weather will clear up soon, but nevertheless I have started building up some awesome summer playlists. I’ve recently found some amazing chill wave artists that will definitely be on repeat (videos below) in my car with the sunroof open and the sun pouring in. Now all I need is mother nature to help me out on a few of those elements and summer will be off to a great start!

Cardigan: OAK + FORT // Tank: Shades of Grey (Micah Cohen @ Simons) // Jeans: Cheap Monday // Boots: Zara // Sunglasses: Prada

Styling/Editing: Andrew Eirich // Photographer: Marie Zydek

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As you may know from some of my previous outfit posts, I have been working on incorporating my new spring pieces into my existing winter wardrobe and coming up with some really great looks! I just recently bought these amazing pale blue (almost turquoise) pants and they are absolutely going to be an amazing spring essential. For now, in lieu of spring, This outfit was all about exploring and reinventing primary colours. I wanted to create an outfit with a pop of springy blue, rich red, yellow, and brown for some real depth along an age old palette. It’s not quite warm enough to dig out my pale-coloured linen shirts for summer just yet, so instead I am going to make due with these rich tones and enjoy what’s left of my chances to dress for colder weather. That said, I absolutely cannot wait until spring has finally, well, sprung in Canada – I simply choose to make the most of what I have to work with in the meantime!


Button Shirt & Bracelet: Club Monaco // Sweatshirt: H&M // Pants & Boots: Zara // Watch, Bag & Tail: Michael Kors

Styling/Editing: Andrew Eirich // Photography: Adaire Beatty